Emmy Awards ... By The Numbers

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(CBS/AP)-- Since the Primetime Emmy Awards are being handed out tonight here on CBS, here's a look at the Emmys . . . by the numbers.

But before we start crunching them, who was the "Emmy" named for?

Turns out it's not a "who" but a "what." Emmy started out as "immy," an abbreviation for the "image orthicon tube," part of an early TV camera.

What series has won the most of them? The record is 37 by the comedy series "Frasier."

The most Emmys won by a single network? CBS won 44 in 1974, when "MASH" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" were on top.

And "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" helped Cloris Leachman win two of her record eight Emmys -- the most ever for a female actor.

That same show earned Ed Asner three of his record seven Emmys -- the most for a male actor.

And while it might seem that all of the winners cry during their acceptance speeches, from 2009-2011, only eight percent of them actually shed tears.

Tears of joy, no doubt, for those holding the hardware. And those statuettes are heavy! They weigh six pounds, 12.5 ounces.

And for the winners, they're worth their weight in gold.