Emergency Responders Simulate Plane Crash

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Nearly 100 emergency responders were on hand for a special drill Tuesday evening in Riley County.

30 passengers and crew members were either killed or critically injured following a plane crash near Manhattan Regional Airport. At least that’s what crews were told to believe.

A full-scale, real-time training exercise took place, pairing multiple local emergency service agencies together in an effort to work through a simulated plane crash.

"The police department regularly trains on reality based training, making a situation as realistic as possible so officers are in a stressful environment so they perform better in real life," said Matthew Droge of the Riley County Police Department. "Exercises like this don’t happen often. It’s not every day you can fake crash a plane and get all these people together to respond to it."

Crews were on site for over an hour attempting to locate each of the victims. Those involved said the training went just about as smoothly as they had hoped.

"We learn issues or concerns every time and then we go back and change our plan," said Riley County Emergency Management Director Pat Collins. "We have identified a few problems, and we found a lot of things that work well that we don’t need to change."

The full scale exercise takes place once every three years at Manhattan Regional Airport.