Educators And Dignitaries Hold Brown vs. Board Symposium

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Kansas dignitaries and educators convened at Washburn University to look back and forward at the Brown vs. Board Decision.

The Washburn School of Law commemorated the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown vs. Board decision, with a symposium exploring what the decision will mean moving forward.

Panelists addressed the current state of race and education in the U.S. and examined the history of the Brown vs. Board litigation in Kansas.

"At that time I was the first black ever elected to the City Commission. While very proud of that, that year was 1972 and even though I'm very proud of that, it doesn't say much for our city," Jack Alexander, Kansas Historical Foundation.

Washburn Law graduates played vital roles, from filing, to final arguments on both sides of Brown vs. Board.