Early Halloween Forecast

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At times it can be difficult to give an accurate forecast for the next 3 days, much less try to predict what the weather will be like in 10 days.

However, I'm going to give it a shot. Keep in mind this forecast is based on long range computer models that could certainly change over the next 10 days. We will get a much better idea of exactly what type of trick-or-treat weather we will have by this weekend.

As the kids figure out their Halloween costumes this week, it looks like a good idea to make sure you can fit some warm clothes underneath those costumes. In short, it's looking like a cold, but dry Halloween this year.

Cold, Arctic air, has been pooling up in Canada over the last couple of weeks and it looks like it may be released into the Mid-west next week. A powerful cold front will blast through the Midwest on Tuesday/Wednesday (Oct. 29th/30th). Behind this front the Cold air will rush in.

Halloween Trick-OR-Treat Forecast:
Mostly Clear Skies
4PM: 51 degrees
6PM: 47 degrees
8PM: 38 degrees

Happy Haunting!

Drew Switzer