Drivers Urged To Stay On The Look Out For Deer

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If you've lived in Topeka for the past ten years, you probably remember the deer collision turned fatal for one Olathe family. Although deer wrecks rarely end up fatal, and the total number of wrecks has decreased within the past coupld of years, drivers should still be vigilant at this time of year.

Kion Hudson recently hit a deer on the highway, and it did about $2,200 worth of damage. "He hesitatied and then just jumped right in front of my car. I of course screamed, and as he hit the car he crushed the right side of the car," Hudson said. "My emblem at the front end, he crushed that too."

The most accidents involving deer happen in November. Mating season brings deer out to search for mates, and also out in the middle of major highways like I-70, doing major damage.

Lance Smith, estimator at Walt's Auto Body Shop in Topeka, said damage costs can range anywhere between a couple hundred dollars into the thousands.

"A lot of times it'll take the grill, the hood, get into the fenders and the bumper," he said.

AAA of Kansas gives tips drivers can keep in mind to keep themselves safe.

Motorists should scan the road and shoulders ahead, use high beams, be cautious at dawn and dusk when deer are the most active and stay alert. If a collision is unavoidable, press the brakes and stay in the lane. Do not swerve; that is more dangerous than actually hitting the deer.

If you are involved in a deer wreck, pull over immediately and call the police.

Last year Kansas saw almost 9,200 deer related collisions. Shawnee county made up 238 of those.