Dream Rocket Project To Wrap Saturn V Rocket In Giant Quilt

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A project based in Topeka is connecting two different subjects together - art and science.

The Dream Rocket Project aims to wrap the Saturn V rocket in Huntsville, Alabama with a 32,000 quilt made out of thousands of two-foot by two-foot fabric art panels submitted by people nationwide.

Schools, businesses, organizations and indivdiuals can submit their art that will cover the rocket in summer of 2014. Now, 363 communites are represented.

Jennifer Marsh, the director of the project, said the goal is to receive 8,000 works of art. Now the goal is about 60 percent fulfilled. She has received 3,500 submissions from students in Kansas, including Washburn University.

The Dream Rocket Project is based in Topeka and branches out of Kickstarter, an organization that works to create art opportunities within communities. The Dream Rocket Project connects art and science together all across the nation, Marsh said.

"It's a metaphor of achievement. It's a metaphor for what is possible when hundreds of thousands of people can get together and collaborate on something."

Every work of art that is received will be used to wrap the Saturn V. It is about 60 feet taller than the Statue Of Liberty. The giant wrap will be on the rocket as a temporary exhibit at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.

The project needs funds, though. Washburn Pre-Engineering students hope to work with engineers at Barlett & West to draw up the blueprints to construct how the quilt will wrap the rocket. If the project doesn't receive the necessary funds, the quilt will not be wrapped around the actual Saturn V rocket, but a replica.

The goal is $24,000 by Sunday, June 23 at 4:00 p.m. The project had just over $12,000 as of Friday.

No matter if Kickstarter reaches its goal, Marsh said the project is effective in itself. "Wrapping the rocket has produced some very interesting ways of keeping art in schools and in libraries."

Until the works are constructed into the wrap, they are on display in more than 40 libraries around the state.

To donate to the project and to learn more, visit www.kickstarter.com and search for the Dream Rocket Project.