Downtown Topeka Totally Closed - Almost

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- Forecasts of nearly a foot around the Topeka area caused local businesses, schools and offices to take preemptive action.

More than 300 closings came into the 13 News system. However, some still ventured out into the winter wonderland.

State offices, city offices, county offices, and more than 250 activities, businesses and schools in Shawnee County closed down Tuesday morning in response to the winter snow storm sweeping the midwest.

On Kansas Avenue -- practically a ghost town. A few cars inched carefully by, while some pedestrians hurried to a warm destination.

While many of the stores along Kansas Avenue have closed up shop, that was certainly not the case here at Wolfe's Camera at 7th & Kansas Avenue. Despite all the snow the workers inside said they still wanted to maintain good customer service, and that the snow really wasn't a big deal to them.

"It's not snowing a whole lot and we've had a fair amount of people come in," Employee David Harbert said. "We wouldn't want to turn folks away."

Harbert and other employees said that any business that day was great.

David Rivera was one of the customers hoping they'd be open. He had to get his daughter's pictures developed for a school project.

"Today was like, my only day off so I figured I'd come down here and take a chance. I guarantee you I'd be pretty upset if I drove out here and they were closed."

Employees at Wolfe's said they understood why other businesses were closing, for safety reasons, but they thought since they could get around, there was no reason to close.

Wolfe's did close early at 3 p.m. on Tuesday and posted a sign saying they may be open on Wednesday, weather permitting.