Double Amputee Takes A 3200 Mile Trek For Baby Boy

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-A man is bicycling across the country to raise money for a baby boy. In this case, the biker is a double amputee and the child is someone he's never met.

Hector Picard completed 3 Ironman competitions; an accomplishment even more amazing because Hector lost both of his arms in 1992 in an electrical accident.

"I'm always challenging myself and showing people what I'm capable of doing,"said Picard.

Hector shared his story at the Kansas Rehabilitation Center and he's determined to show others that anything is possible.

"You know, he could have given up several years back and decided that he wouldn't," said Director of Marketing at Kansas Rehabilitation Center, Jami Colson.

Now, Hector is bicycling 3,200 miles from his home in Miami, Florida to Spokane, Washington in 36 days to raise money for a baby boy named Jameson. Jameson was born with no arms and Hector wants to help his family afford prosthetics.

"Things that people thought I couldn't do, I'm doing. The fact that I haven' met the family or the baby boy, just a complete stranger, just trying to raise money to help the family out," said Picard.

The Kansas Rehabilitation Center aided the effort with a $10,000 check.

"Someone like Hector and does what he does across the United States really makes us thankful for the things that we do have," said Colson.

Hector hopes his trek will help baby Jameson grow up to accomplish his dreams, just like Hector has.

"20 years from now, I hope he returns the favor and he goes across the country and helps me out," says Picard as he laughs.