Donation Drive Slated For Family Displaced By Fire

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topekans are coming together to help a family whose home was heavily damaged by fire Thursday.

The groups SilverbackKS and SilverMOMS are spearheading a donation drive for the parents and three children impacted when fire destroyed half of their duplex at 7131 SW Lario Lane. The family returned from a shopping trip to find their home burning. Authorities say an electrical problem is possibly to blame.

Donations for the family will be accepted from 10 to Noon Saturday at the Kansas Avenue Market, 628 S. Kansas Avenue. Volunteers also are needed to accept, move and deliver the items.

Those who can assist or who can donate the larger items on the list should contact the group at the SilverMOMS Facebook page.

Following is the posted list of items.

Dressers for parents and 3 kids (1-5 dressers total) **
Stove **
Kitchen and living room are a total loss - couch, chair, table & chairs, coffee table **
Towels - please provide new
TV **
Kids movies
DVD player
Mini blinds
Booster seat for 8 year old
Diapers - newborn and size 1

(please message the group on items noted with an asterisks so they aren't doubled up)

The family said they've got some clothing and aren't asking for clothes at this moment.

Gift cards for meals and groceries are needed.

One child turns 8 Saturday and a party room has been reserved. She likes Hello Kitty. They've asked that gifts for her be delivered at the same time so they can give her a "normal" party.