Donation Drive For Distraught Fire Family

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-A donation drive was set up for a family displaced by a fire in Montara.

Participants brought items to the Kansas Avenue Market from 10-Noon Saturday.

Residents brought toys, blankets, toiletries, clothes and diapers to the fundraising event.

One of the children turns 8-years-old tomorrow and the family is grateful for the public's support.

They shared just how they felt coming home to find their house gone.

"Immediate disbelief, really, we were coming home, we were going to set up for getting ready to do Piper's birthday and it's not what you expect to come home to after you go shopping," said Kirstie Gibbons.

The family says they are grateful for all the support from friends and strangers who have donated items to help them through this difficult time.