Docking State Office May Be Demolished In 2 Years

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ A historic Topeka state office building could be demolished in two years-which means hundreds of state employees would head to a new workplace.

Docking State Office Building employee Sarah Moore may soon head to work in a new location.

"All they have told us is that we are supposed to be moving. We have no idea where," says Moore.

Department of Administration spokesman Todd Fertig told 13 News the state recently completed taking bids on potential downtown Topeka sites where they might relocate Moore and the other 1200 people now working at the Docking building, once it faces the wrecking ball.

"The current plan is for the building to be demolished probably in the Summer of 2016," says Fertig.

One possibility includes moving the Departments of Revenue, Administration and Personnel services from Docking to the Van Buren building, then relocating the Van Buren employees.

"It's not decided, it's all still being researched and under negotiation," said Fertig.

But not everyone is convinced the Docking building needs to go.

"I think its a bad idea. I mean it needs a little fixing up but after fixing up it will be fine. It will look just as good as the Capitol, and they spent how many million on that one, they can surely keep this one," says concerned citizen, Tim Clark.

Fertig says demolition would cost two million dollars. Needed improvements would cost much more.

"We understand people have an attachment to the building, but the building has become more expensive to maintain and renovate than its worth," Fertig.

Though it likely means she'll settle into a new office, Moore says she understands.

"I think its for the best," says Moore.

The legislature passed a bill last Spring that grants the Department of Administration authority to sell four other Topeka state office buildings: Eisenhower, Landon, Curtis and Van Buren.

Fertig says right now those buildings are not for sale, but if it should happen, part of the money would go toward the demolition and replacing the power facility currently located at Docking that provides service to four state buildings.