District 8 Applicants Can Begin Quest For Council Seat Monday

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TOPEKA CITY HALL -- In a process already performed twice this year, Topeka Council members will interview interested applicants for the open council seat in District 8. The area general encompasses 10th to 21st between Gage and Wanamaker, with a large corner to the southwest of that part of the city.

The city clerk will be posting a notice the City of Topeka is accepting applications for the open position. That posting is scheduled to come out Monday, May 20th.

Information will also be available at the city's website, www.topeka.org

Interested applicants must have their names submitted by 5:00pm, Monday, June 3rd.

Applications should include this information:
* A statement of their qualifications and personal background.
* A statement addressing why the applicant wishes to serve as a council member.
* A statement addressing what the applicant sees as the number one problem facing Topeka city government; and how the applicant would seek to address the problem if they're chosen to serve.
* A $50 fee or a petition signed by 50 qualified electors in District 8.

The remaining City Council members will interview each applicant at the next regular council meeting following the deadline. While the next day is June 4th, Mayor Wolgast said those interviews will probably be done on June 11th.

After those interviews, the Council can begin its election to fill the vacant position. That vote could only be deferred for one week. By June 18th, the District 8 seat should be filled with Gray's replacement until the next cycle of city elections in 2015.

The council filled two spots earlier this year, after the elections of John Alcala to the State Legislature, and Bob Archer to the County Commission. T. J. Brown and Edward Colazzo were chosen, but were not winners in the municipal elections last month.