Details Of Former Officer's Fed. Suit Against RCPD

Topeka, Kan. (WIBW) -- 13 News has examined in detail the Federal lawsuit filed by a former Riley County police officer.

Mark Bylkas was fired in May of last year on misconduct and theft charges. The suit, filed last week in Kansas City Kansas US District Court, claims Bylkas was fired in retaliation for reporting misconduct in the department.

That suit states Bylkas reported an officer for allegedly falsifying time records in an effort to hide an extramarital affair, and that the officer’s supervisors refused to act on the allegations.

The 9-page document alleges Bylkas’s supervisors, Mike Boller, John Doehling and RCPD director Brad Schoen harassed Bylkas in an effort to get him to resign. And that Shoen made false statements at a news conference, announcing Bylkas’ termination, which tarnished his

Bylkas worked as a Riley County police officer and narcotics officer from 2006 till May of last year. The suit names Boller, Doehling, Schoen, Rich Fink and the Riley County Law Board as defendants.