Democratic Challenger Paul Davis Says It's Time For Change

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- House Democratic Leader Paul Davis didn't have a challenger in his party and now the Governor's race is officially on, with Sam Brownback.

"We have a ground operation that the state of Kansas has never seen before," Davis told his constituents inside the GEM building in Topeka.

Paul Davis told his constituents its time for Governor Sam Brownback to leave office.

"This isn't about political parties and my opponent is going to try to make it that. This is an election about the future of Kansas," said Davis.

Senator Anthony Hensley of Topeka, joined Paul Davis in criticizing the Brownback administration this past legislative sessions.

"Democrats, Republicans or Independents have a real concern with where Brownback is taking this state," said Hensley.

And Davis promises.

"Good schools, a growing economy, doing something about rising property taxes," said Davis.

"About every 12 years a Democrat is elected Governor and we are in that 12 year cycle. I believe people will look at Paul Davis as the Governor we need," said Hensley.

"I think we will be successful on November 4th. Thank you," said Davis.

Davis' running mate Jill Docking says their campaign is heading into the general election in a strong position, but also said the next three months are going to be tough.

She said Tuesday, "the Brownback campaign and his outside money are going to flood the airwaves every day in an attempt to mislead Kansans about his record, but we know the truth. He decimated the state budget. He attacked our schools."