Wakefield Files To Challenge Jenkins | Jenkins Accuses Her Of FEC Violations

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TOPEKA. Kan (WIBW)-- Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins' latest challenger says she plans to reach across party lines. Margie Wakefield officially filed for the second district seat before serving up some gumbo at a rally with supporters at Great Overland Station.

The 57 year-old Wakefield, a divorce attorney from Lawrence, said her Republican opponent has supported policies that would increase health costs for seniors and hurt farmers.

She added that its time to stand up to people she described as extremists and obstructionists.

"The Just Say No, shutdown, gridlock congress is not working for us," said Wakefield. "We need a representative to represent us, Kansans. Not just a party caucus."

Jenkins camp reacted to Wakfield's announcement by claiming her new challenger broke a Federal Election Commission law by not including a required disclaimer in her robo-call inviting supporters to her rally.

Jenkins' spokesperson Bill Roe issued a statement saying "while it is perfectly legal to fail to tell Kansans of her steadfast love of Obamacare, federally funded abortions, and tax increases in her robo-call, failing to include information required by federal campaign law is quite the opposite."