Dem. Gov. Candidate Calls For Income Tax Cut Delay

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The presumed Democratic nominee for Kansas governor is proposing to postpone future personal income tax cuts championed by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

Democratic challenger and Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis wasn't specific Monday about which tax cuts he'd postpone as he outlined what he called his economic vision for the state.

Brownback has said the tax cuts are stimulating the economy. Davis and other Democrats have called them reckless.

Davis had a news conference at Piper High School in Kansas City, Kan., and planned another in Wichita. He announced that former Lt. Govs. Gary Sherrer and John Moore will serve as senior economic advisers to the campaign.

Sherrer was a Republican and Moore was a Democrat. Both served as state commerce secretaries after lengthy business careers.

Posted by Greg Palmer