Dalton Miller Needs A Mentor Through Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- Many kids in the community are on the waiting list to receive a mentor through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

We introduce you to one of those children, Dalton, an imaginative and high-energy 7-year-old who needs a "Big."

Anyone who has ever interviewed a kid knows it's sometimes like pulling teeth to get them to say more than one word.

That certainly wasn't the case with Dalton Miller, who had no problem sharing with us what he loves.

"Play games like Minecraft, or Lego games, stuff like that," he said.

In our short time with Dalton, we noticed he is an extremely sharp and intelligent kid, and has many interests, some he's hoping to share with a potential big brother.

His current dream, being a fashion designer, is very detailed.

"The reason why I want to be a fashion designer is because I want to raise more money for other people," he said. "Like, I'll have different aisles. The first aisle will create Perry the Platypus clothes, the second aisle will create like, skull clothes and the third will create Pretty Ponies. And the fourth will create Minecraft."

Speaking of Minecraft, playing the video game is the number one thing he likes to do, and any Big of his has to know how to play, or learn.

"I want another big brother because some of my other big brothers are busy sometimes and I need a big brother that can play with me that's not really busy all the time."

Dalton's grandmother, and also his adoptive mother, Linda Edwards, thinks a Big Brother will help expand his mind in ways she may not be able to, like riding a bike or climbing a tree.

"Maybe in sports, or maybe new adventures, or guy stuff, guy talking," Linda said. "I think a big brother will be able to explain some things that Mama can't talk about, or Mama don't really know about guy things."

She says Dalton and her are best friends, but he needs a strong male role model.

"I would like to see someone that's gonna be outgoing with him."

A Big Brother who can definitely keep up with his creative mind.

If you think you'd be a great match for Dalton, contact Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

Or, if you can't be a "Big," you can raise money to help pair Dalton and other kids with a mentor through the Bowl For Kids Sake fundraiser.