Cut The Salt Campaign Was A Success In Shawnee County

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Shawnee County's "Cut the Salt" campaign has made a positive impact in how much sodium area residents are consuming.

Misty Kruger of the County Health Agency briefed commissioners today.

The CDC awarded Shawnee County a $93,000 grant in 2010 aimed at creating healthier food choices and reducing sodium intake for residents.

Kruger says the campaign has enabled some sustainable changes in the community.

"To really understand where our baseline sodium intake was at. From that we learned a lot of things that helped us through this campaign, such as people don't read labels very often and they don't really know how much sodium is 2300 miligrams. So to do some education that they can take with them to continue educating themselves was a big piece of the work we did," Kruger.

Kruger says the health agency will continue working with Parks and Rec on healthy choices.