Crews Investigate Great Plains Theatre Fire

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ABILENE, Kan. (WIBW) - Crews in Abilene have finished cleaning up what is left of the Great Plains Theatre.

Only a shell remains of an Abilene landmark after the Great Plains Theatre went up in flames Wednesday night.

"It was on fire and the whole fire was up the chimney; the whole thing," said Martell Robert. "And it was too damn hot, we had to get back. It was coming; the whole thing."

Multiple crews were on hand this morning attempting to find a cause, which required the use of a backhoe to help dig through the piles of debris.

Throughout the afternoon Abilene police and firemen worked together with members from the Office of the State Fire Marshal to determine a possible cause of the fire.

"Right now we’re still getting some preliminary information," said Chief of Investigations Rose Rozmiarek. "So hopefully here in a little while will be able to actually start going inside and methodically digging out the scene to see if we can determine a cause."

At this time the cause of the fire has been ruled undetermined, and is likely associated with a lightning strike and gas pipe.