Cousin Says Lockhart Is Innocent, Judge Denies Bond Reduction

Monroe Lockhart
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The cousin of Monroe Lockhart, the business partner at the Mo’s Express Convenience Store, whose developer was found dead, is speaking out, saying Lockhart is innocent of all crimes.

Lockhart is charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after police say he entered a home at 19th and Adams last November, assaulted a woman with a knife, and threatened to kill a man who also was there.

On Monday, a judge denied Lockhart’s request to reduce his $500,000 bond, citing concerns of public safety.

Anthony Talbert Junior, who was the manager of Mo’s Express and Jacob Barnett were also arrested on the same charges as Lockhart.

"I do think that Monroe is innocent and I think that Anthony Talbert is too. If justice is really to be served in Topeka, as they say, then we will see," said Shawna Brooks, Lockhart’s cousin.

Authorities say the charges are not related to the death of 39-year-old Corey Brown. Brown was a developer of the shopping center where Mo’s Express is located.

Lockhart’s cousin says Monroe Lockhart and Corey Brown were close friends.

“They were friends and when you see one, you would see the other,” said Brooks.

Lockhart's preliminary hearing is set for March 1st.