Couple Rescued From Overturned Camper At Milford State Park

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GEARY COUNTY, Kan. (WIBW) -- Officials in Geary County are assessing the damage after Saturday night's storms as residents are cleaning up the debris left behind.

Parts of Milford State Park were hit hard by winds estimated to be around 75 miles an hour.

Several campers were damaged and one was overturned, trapping an elderly couple inside.

Firefighters from Geary County and Junction City rescued the couple.

"We were able to use ladders to get in and gain access to them and bring them out," said Garry Berges, Director of Geary County Emergency Services.

The couple was taken to Geary Community Hospital in Junction City with minor injuries.

"Several other campers were damaged. One the top got blown off of. It was a pop up camper. We’re still out checking all of our damage this morning," Berges told WIBW.

Other campers in the area revealed what it was like when the storm blew through.

"The wind just came up all of a sudden and the RV started shaking. The window blew in and then it was over real quick. I’m thankful that we weren’t hurt more than we were- our vehicle," said Dave Stillie.

Throughout Geary County, tree limbs are down. Berges said Sunday morning that parts of Junction City and rural areas north and west of Junction City were without power.

"It was late at night. People couldn’t see. A lot of people stayed off the roads which is good. And people just need to remember in storms, you never know what’s going to happen especially when you can’t see what’s going on. The best thing is to be inside and be safe," he said.

In Riley County, EMS Director Pat Collins reported tree damage in Randolph, Riley, Leonardville and Ogden. He estimated that winds were at least 60 mph in the northern part of the county during the storm, sheering off branches that were 6-8 inches around.

He told 13 News that a garage doors were blown in at a commercial building in Randolph and at Manhattan Wrecker.

In the industrial park where Manhattan Wrecker is located, other businesses also sustained damage, including mangled fences, overturned trailers and snapped trees.

There are reports of damage on Fort Riley. WIBW has placed calls to the Public Affairs Office for information.