Diamond In The Rubble - Delavan Couple Finds Wedding Ring After Fire

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DELAVAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- Last October, 13 News reported the story of a Delavan couple losing everything in a house fire, but as it turns out, some good news came from that story.

Its been 3 months since Jimmie and Joyce Watson's house caught on fire. They say its been a devastating past few months, but they had a glimmer of hope after digging through the rubble soon after the fire.

That sudden fire turned Jimmie and Joyce Watson's Delavan cabin log and brick home into a pile of ash and rubble. Luckily they were not injured, but they lost everything.

"You know just a lot of stuff we had was very precious, like our wedding pictures, just all kinds of things you know its terrible," said Joyce back in October 2013.

As Jimmie and a neighbor sifted through the rubble to see what they could salvage, Jimmie's neighbor found a tiny black box.

"Just mangled and black and you know kind of melted a little bit and he opened it and said you ain't going to believe this! And he said its Joyce's ring and I said 'oh man how did you find that?'" said Jimmie.

Joyce's wedding ring was still in good condition. Jimmie says he decided to save it to give to her as a surprise present on Christmas.

"We got some of our wedding pictures back. The wedding ring...I was just in tears when he gave it to me! I couldn't believe it you know it was wonderful. It was a miracle," says Joyce.

"It did my heart good. I was really broke up over it," said Jimmie.

The Watson's are currently renting a house and plan to move into a trailer home in the next few months. They say it's been rough getting back on their feet, but finding the ring has made the future look brighter.

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