County Treasurer Says A Lack Of Funding Will Have An Impact

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Shawnee County Treasurer says a refusal to give his office extra funding, will have an impact.

Shawnee County Commissioners declined to act on Larry Mah's request for an additional $70,000 to support a software conversion for the treasurer's office.

Mah says the current budget is built on business as usual at the treasurer office.

Without the extra funding, he says he forsees staff reductions and no overtime for the property tax side of his operations, which could impact the hours those services are available.

"Everyday that goes by I pay payroll, salaries we do business and that impacts the budget. If I do not take action today we will roll right pass the budget. I think it's my obligation to let them know that train is coming down the track," Mah.

Mah says he will do his best to meet the budget without impacting public service.