County Concerned Over Funding The Expocentre

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- County Commissioner Bob Archer says the county will have to think long and hard if they will be able to keep the Kansas Expocentre open.

During Monday's meeting H.R. Cook, General Manager of the Kansas Expocentre asked commissioners to approve $17,560.12 in Capitol Expenditures for maintenance and repairs at the Expocentre.

From patch work to the parking lot during the First Lady's visit to purchasing new ice machines, some of the commissioners questioned whether the expenditure fund will last the rest of the year.

"I can't deny that we're seeing these capitol expenditures occur more frequently and at a higher cost and there's no way the Expocetre will be able to make it through the year without expending their capitol expenditure fund. But I can't deny also that these are necessary expenditures for the operation of the Expocentre," Kevin Cook, County Commissioner.

"(It's almost a day of reckoning for the Expocentre. We either invest in it or close it down! We will be talking about that further and making some tough choices as a far as the Expocentre and other needs of the community go," Bob Archer, County Commissioner.

Commissioners also entered into an agreement with the KDOT to inspect designated bridges and authorize placement of four temporary four way stop signs at the intersections of SW 21st and Indian Hills Road and SW 29th and Indians Hills Road through the summer.