County Commissioners Approve Motion To Retain Mortgage Fees

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- County Commissioners approved a motion urging Kansas Legislatures to retain mortgage registration fees.

County Counselor Rich Eckert said he received a form from the Kansas Association of Counties requesting Kansas Legislatures and the Governor to retain mortgage fees.

Eckert said the form has to be approved and sent back as quickly as possible, because the counties have a hearing a in the Senate Tax Committee, which he said isn't the best place for it to be for the counties purposes.

Eckert also talked about a recent blog he read concerning the fee.

"For the 2012 budget year the budget of the county clerk, the appraiser and register of deeds came to $2.6 million. The fee brought in $2.55 million, so i think that's tailored pretty fairly well," Eckert.

The hearing in front of the Senate Tax Committee has been set for January 21st.

Commissioners were also presented a $20,000 check from WIBW General Manager Jim Ogle on behalf of the Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy.

President and CEO Vickie Brokkee told commissioners it has been a great opportunity to partner with the Shawnee County Parks and Rec with the management of the Helen Hocker Theatre.

2013 was a very successful year for the theatre, with 6 different productions, a summer camp that served over 180 children and the continuation of the bathe house program which is part of the history of the Helen Hocker Theatre.