County Commissioners Approve Contract For Helping Hands

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - County Commissioners approved a $129,110 contract with Helping Hands Humane Society to take in all stray animals that are delivered to the shelter by Shawnee County residents and animal control officers. The money goes toward taking care of the animals.

"The service we are providing has kept them from building there own home for housing," said Executive Director of Helping Hands Humane Society, Bill Acree.

Since the opening of the shelter's SW 21st and Belle location five months ago, adoptions are up which is the good news, but the bad new is the number of animals coming into the shelter has also gone up.

"We could expect a 30% increase in our admissions and right now that is holding very true," Acree said.

Acree says an average of nearly 8,000 animals are brought to the shelter each year and a relatively new system is helping ease the overflow. Animals are being sent to Kansas City, Denver and other shelters where they go up for adoption.

"And it has just worked wonderful for Helping Hands because it has cut the euthanization rate way, way down," Acree said. He said the shelter has not had to euthanize animals solely for space reasons for the past year.

To date, some 2,500 animals have been moved to other cities for adoption.