County And City Commissioners At Odds Over Improvement Project

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A few Topeka City Council members are at odds with Shawnee County Commissioners on whether to move forward with an improvement project for SW 21st Street.

County Public Works Director, Tom Vlach told commissioners the city council is discussing whether it can opt out of reconstruction work between Urish and Indian Hills.

The $5.77 million project was among those specifically mentioned for funding when voters approved a county wide half-cent sales tax vote in 2004 and commissioners questioned why the city would want to back out.

"Something's don't require a comment, you just sort of scratch your head and smile," Shawnee County Commissioner, Bob Archer.

"Credibility means everything to us and that's why it's going to get done," Tom Vlach, Public Works and Solid Waste.

At their Tuesday meeting, some council members questioned if such a project outside the city limits was still necessary, the group voted 8-0 to defer action until its March 4th meeting.