Council Members Add Resources In Hicrest Area

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Topeka City Council members added valuable resources today to a community in need.

Council members voted unanimously to add two non-profits. Community resource council and the Topeka Rescue Mission's NET Reach program to lease space within the former Avondale East Elementary School. A move District 5 Council Member Michelle De La Isla is more than pleased with.

She said, "The most exciting part is that if we are successful, which we will be in the hicrest area because we have a community of prideful people, and it can be something the whole city can use as a model."

Council members also approved zoning which allows construction for Fire Station #13 which is planned to be built along SW 6th and Wanamaker Road, across from the Security Benefit building.

Also approved on the night's agenda was an exception granted to a homeowner along 3400 block of SW Indian Hills Road along Lake Sherewood.

Members of the Council originally did not want to allow a home outside city limits access to the city water system, but quickly learned new information that swayed their decision.

John Hutton, the attorney that represented the homeowner, said, "To our knowledge all the other homes surrounding this area have water connected to the city and I think the Council Members looked at that and they voted accordingly."

Before the agenda and in Tuesday's work session, Council Members arranged a June 25th date to discuss an option that would delay the state legislation's new conceal and carry laws taking effect July 1st, holding them off until January 2014. The new law allows firearms in 24 public buildings without metal detectors in Topeka, including the Topeka Zoo.