Topeka's Wanamaker Retail Plan On Hold For A Week

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The Topeka City Council deferred action to finance a retail development on Southwest Wanamaker Road.

City Council members voted nine to zero to defer action for one week on a proposal to establish a community improvement district for Crosswinds Common located at 12th and Wanamaker Road.

This proposed project would improve infrastructure to buildings in that area with a cost of $24,574,580. The money would come through one percent community improvement district sales tax and special obligation bonds.

City council member Nathan Schmidt (District 8) said they are deferring action until another week because the city needs to negotiate with the developer before they proceed.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently said high levels of haloacetic acid in Shawnee County water may cause cancer, but in the city council meeting, Public Works Director Doug Whitacre informed council members the E.P.A. has tested the water and it is safe for Topekans to drink.

Council members also voted nine to zero to adopt a historic preservation plan for the city. One goal for the plan is to preserve historic Topeka buildings to make the Kansas Avenue project a success.

Deputy Mayor Sylvia Ortiz sat in Mayor Larry Wolgast's seat Tuesday night because he was on the inaugural United Airline flight to Chicago.