Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins Disagrees With New Healthcare Measures

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WASHINGTON (WIBW) -- With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, not only are there new rules for health insurance, but new rules for employee work hours as well.

Under the law, employees are now considered full-time if they work 30 plus hours per week. In addition, employers with over 50 full time employees must offer health insurance to them or face penalty taxes.

Because of this addition, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins said, "The 30-hour work requirement puts millions of workers at risk for reduced hours and creates a nation of part-time employees bringing further uncertainty for hardworking Americans."

Based off conversations with business owners, Jenkins said that they are "considering reducing employees' hours to avoid the employer mandate," and they think "this rule will incentivize employees to work fewer hours so they qualify for taxpayer subsidies for their health insurance."

"This will result in lower wages for employees, increased taxes on business owners, and certainly not the right way to grow our economy," Jenkins concluded.