Congressman Huelskamp Visits Manhattan

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Congressman Tim Huelskamp made a trip to Manhattan Monday morning, continuing the tradition of visiting the district’s 63 counties each year.

Rows of people gathered in the Manhattan Fire Department Assembly Room to express concerns about current issues.

Many showed concerns with recent changes regarding the Affordable Care Act, as well as problems faced by small business owners and changes in the minimum wage.

Huelskamp says the meetings serve as a tool to bring Kansas values back to Washington.

"I know the jobs in Washington, but the best part of the job is actually leaving that town and coming home to see what Kansans want," said Huelskamp. "I think we have a bunch of folks in Washington, whether they are elected or unelected, that live in different worlds. They don’t understand, they lack the common sense that Kansans say ‘hey let’s do this, this is what Kansans would do,’ and it’s my opportunity to push those thoughts and those ideas about common sense and take them back to my colleagues and the bureaucrats."

Throughout his years in congress, Huelskamp has completed 219 town halls meetings across Kansas.