Congregation Collaborates To Create Cross

GRANTVILLE, KS (WIBW) - An area congregation dedicated a high-profile message of their faith.

Members of Grantville United Methodist Church gathered Wednesday morning along Highway 24 at Barton Road to watch a new cross go up along the road. It features the traditional cross and flame symbol of the Methodist church and will be the focal point of a sign pointing people to their church.

All the work, from design and legal logistics on its placement to the welding and painting, was done by church members. Church member Richard Lux spearheaded the project and called it a true church collaboration. He says a friend drew the plans, Midwest Metal cut out the pieces, church member Charles Worthington did the welding and church member Jim Dillon painted it, with many others chipping in along the way and the entire congregation providing support.

"You're trying to do for God what you believe he wants you do to," Lux said. "'Tell the good news,' is what He says and this is part of telling the good news."

Pastor Rick Souter came to lead the church in July and says the project is one of the first ideas with which members approached him. He says they led it from the design phase to standing in a matter of weeks.

"It says they're an amazing group, dedicated to their work and they want to share their message with the world," Souter said.

Once the crane cleared and the bolts were fastened, members gathered for a prayer and song to dedicate the cross.