Concrete Pieces From Ground Zero Not In Topeka, Legal Dispute

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-A concrete chunk from ground zero of the fallen twin towers was supposed to be placed in Topeka Saturday, but now it will not.

The 13,000 pound concrete piece is from the World Trade Center when it was brought down by terrorist attacks on September 11th.

Tonya Evans, CEO of Members of the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation says it was supposed to be temporarily placed by the Topeka Fire Department headquarters, but they found out news from Mountain Crane that it wasn't being delivered because Evans says Priest is asking for a $200,000 to $250,000 payment for the concrete pieces. Priest told 13 News this is an incorrect amount.

The artifact has been shown in more than 5 cities across the U.S. and its final resting place is supposed to be in Lawrence, Kansas.

When members of the American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation found out this news, they were very distraught.

13 News spoke with Garrett Blood, Executive Project Manager of Mountain Crane, who said Tonya Evans, CEO of American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation and Sandra Priest, artist, have been in a legal dispute over who owns the twin tower artifacts.

Evans says Priest ordered Mountain Crane, the shipping company, to cancel the delivery of the twin tower artifacts to Topeka, KS Saturday.

Deputy Fire Chief Neil Hix says that the temporary resting place for the concrete piece would be available in Topeka if things work out in the end.

13 News contacted Sandra Priest and she says she does not want to make further comments. Priest's attorney, Julie LaVan, told 13 News that the foundation is unwilling to make any payment for the artifacts. LaVan also said that Evans and Priest have had a long dispute on where the final location should be.