Commissioners Decide To Wait On Check From State And Proceed With Bids For Hocker

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- The state of Kansas is attempting to assist
Shawnee County with more than $37,000 for overtime costs and other unexpected expenses used to implement the state's new motor vehicle software system in May.

A letter from Secretary Of Revenue Nick Jordan and Director Of Vehicles Donna Shelite was read during today's county commission meeting. The letter said that while the money may not fully pay for all the costs, the check is meant as a sign of appreciation.

County treasurer Larry Wilson isn't sure how the state came up with the amount and commissioners say they want a better idea of what the county is entitled to.

County commissioners voted unanimously to defer action on accepting the check until next monday when they feel they will have looked at proper payroll documents from the county.

County commissioners also voted unanimously to issue a six page document requesting proposals to run the Helen Hocker Theater.

Despite various statements from long time theater supporters urging commissioners to turn back on the option to send out the bids, commissioners feel the change will allow the theater to focus more on generating revenue than it has in the past.

The decision comes after Helen Hocker Theater's director Jo Huseman decided to retire.

A deadline for submitting proposals has been set for November 19th.