Color Vibe 5k Race May Be Sending The Wrong Vibe

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- 2,500 people shelled out $40 to $50 for the Color Vibe 5k Run in Topeka, billed as the most exciting color filled day of your life supporting a good cause.

But 13 News learned only $1 per person from the event is donated to charity, which is about two and 1/2 percent.

"That does kind of upset me. I think a lot more should have gone to charity," said race participant, Megan Barrett. "I have to rethink going through that company again."

Color Vibe chose Lifehouse Child Advocacy Center as its Topeka charity partner. They'll receive nearly $3,000 out of the estimated $100,000 dollars in registration fees. But, they say any amount helps.

"It's huge. We are such a tiny little agency so to get that kind of exposure is a really big deal to us," said Jill Shehi Chapman with Lifehouse.

Event Director of Color Vibe Cody Williams says they can't donate a larger portion to charity because of what he called the hidden costs of staging the event. "The biggest cost is transporting 4,000 pounds of color from city to city," Williams said.

When asked how much the company makes, Williams chose not to respond.

The Color Vibe company is based in Utah with 15 employees. Williams said the race travels to 100 to 150 cities every year.