City Of Topeka Cuts 3 Positions

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TOPEKA, Kan. – Three city of Topeka employees are out of work due to budget cuts.

City manager Jim Colson announced Wednesday he would eliminate three positions in public works. They include the director of buildings and general services. His $124,022 salary will count in part toward $346,000 in reductions council members directed Colson to make in their approved 2014 budget.

A development services plan reviewer and engineering technician will have the option of transferring to vacancies. Cutting their current positions saves a total $122,290.

Complete news release from City of Topeka:
In accordance with 2014 budget reduction decisions, City Manager Jim Colson announces the elimination of three Public Works positions. One development services plan reviewer, an engineering technician I, and the director of buildings and general services were cut on Wednesday.

The timing of these cuts maximizes cost-containment. Two of these employees may pursue opportunities to transfer to vacant positions in Public Works. The management position will be eliminated, and the reporting structure within the department will be modified. Individuals leaving employment with the City be provided health care benefits through the end of October.

“These are more tough decisions for our organization,” Colson said. “I want to thank these employees for their service to the City of Topeka. We are fortunate to be able to offer the transfer of these workers’ valuable skills to other internal positions. Going forward, we will maintain our focus on identifying cost-containment and revenue-enhancing strategies to grow the City into a high-performance organization.”

Two of these reductions were identified in the 2014 budget process. The management position cut will contribute to the City Manager’s discretionary cost savings in 2014. Remaining identified reductions in force will occur prior to January 1, 2014.