City Cuts 2 Management Positions

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Salary information for both city positions that were cut, according to the city:

1. Legal Office Manager (1 FTE) – salary and benefits: $67,371

2. Zoo Office Specialist (1 FTE) – salary and benefits: $50,358

City of Topeka Release:

TOPEKA, Kan. – In an effort to carry out 2014 budget reductions and realize savings this year, City Manager Jim Colson announced the elimination of two management positions. One Zoo office specialist, and an office manager in the Legal department were cut on Thursday.

The timing of these cuts maximizes cost-containment in the current fiscal year. The City will use the salary savings to help offset the severance cost. The individuals will receive a severance package for their service, based on current personnel rules, and will be provided health care benefits through the end of the month.

“As an organization, we are faced with challenging times and tough decisions,” Colson said. “It was not easy to craft the 2014 budget, and unfortunately, we needed to reduce staff. I want to express my appreciation to these employees for their service to the City of Topeka. Going forward, we will continue to focus on cost containment, while best meeting the needs of our residents.”

The remaining reductions in force will occur prior to January 1, 2014, in accordance with 2014 budget decisions.