City Council Could Pull The Plug On Some Signs In The Capital City

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Topeka isn't quite known as the city of bright lights but proposed regulations could "dim" the L.E.D. light displays we do see around the capital city.

Topeka City Planning Director Bill Fiander has heard complaints about various electronic messaging signs throughout Topeka.

Tuesday, he outlined how council members could pull the plug on them.

Fiander said, "There are a few ways we want to regulate signs and that's brightness, movement, size and location."

Most signs are currently within the proposed regulations but, if passed, some will be forced to tone it down a bit.

Fiander said, "The strobing and flashing will be prohibited, the scrolling is fine and we will allow it but the distracting stuff we will not allow."

Fiander also says each business could only have one sign per street, with one exception. Fiander said, "If you are on the corner you can have two signs because you have two street frontages, but most only have one street frontage."

Fiander believes slashing the flash would benefit the community as a whole. He says, "There are two reasons and one is to prevent drivers from being distracted and the other is aesthetics. We want our communities to look good."

Council members heard a first reading on the ordinance Tuesday night. It will be on the agenda for a vote Tuesday July 16th. If passed, the regulations will go into effect September 1st.