City Changes Snow Removal Plans Going Forward

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- After an early February snow storm cost the city of Topeka nearly half a million dollars, city officials say they are revamping snow removal plans ahead of this weekends forecast.

In the event of another snow storm of four or more inches city street crews will begin clearing all emergency routes around schools and hospitals first, with downtown clearing done simultaneously.

Instead of plowing secondary roads after emergency routes, crews will clear all residential streets. Secondary roads are contained within these residential areas, and this action should save crews approximately three days of time, resulting in a quicker clearing of residential streets.

Crews will plow all secondary and residential streets using a zone method.

Crews will plow curb-to-curb (depending on access availability, i.e. parked cars) to allow for access to mailboxes and two-way travel.
City officials believe this new plan can be completed in just six days using the city's current resources.

Residents should make every attempt not to park on the street to allow for snow equipment to plow. Residents should also prepare to shovel any driveway openings that may become blocked with snow when plows pass through.

Please note that it may take several hours after the snowfall ends for crews to clear your street. High priority calls, including medical necessity appointments, scheduled transportation pickup, etc., should be called directly in to Street Maintenance at 368-3803. All other calls or Topeka e311 service requests on problem areas will be received and addressed as soon as possible.

This plan may be adjusted depending on weather, road conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.

Posted by Justin Surrency