Chiefs Preseason Opener On WIBW-TV

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The NFL is officially back and Chiefs fans will get a first hand look at live game action this Thursday at Arrowhead Stadium.

WIBW GM, Jim Ogle posted the following on his Facebook page. We hope this will explain some of the details regarding our broadcast of the Chiefs.

Just as WIBW has done since they first took the field in Kansas City back in 1963, WIBW is home to the pre-season games for the Kansas City Chiefs network. This year, there will be three pre-season games on the network. It starts tonight at 7pm against the Cincinnati Bengals.

I know that some people are Chiefs fans. I know that many of the viewer's of programs we air such as "Big Brother" aren't Kaiser Chiefs
Go Chi fans. To them, my apologies. CBS only allows us to delay the airing of the prime-time programs to after the "Craig Ferguson" show. There is no other option when we pre-empt prime time shows on a non-emergency basis.

The other notification problem we have is that despite the fact we sent this out in program schedule week's ago, many of the cable systems (such as Cox) and satellite systems (such as DISH and DirecTV) have the wrong program information for tonight. They show WIBW airing regular prime-time programs at their schedule times. We will be airing the Chiefs. Kudos to U-Verse-- It is correct about our on-air schedule.

But football games run at different lengths. We know the prime-time replays won't start before 12:35am tonight, but could start much later if the game runs long. Set your recorder to capture four hours between 12:35am and 4:35am so you can get all the programs despite any time adjustment if the game runs long.

Go Kansas City Chiefs!

If you can't make it out to the game, you can catch it right here on WIBW-TV Channel 13.