Driver Charged With Hitting Girl On Bike In May | Medical Bills Top $500K

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Charges have been filed against the driver accused of hitting a 12 year-old Shawnee Co. girl while she was riding a bicycle last May.

Court records show Rebecca Horting, 33, was charged November 14th with one count of Aggravated Battery, Knowingly Causing Great Bodily Harm.

Meanwhile, 13 News has learned the Rylee Robinson's unpaid medical bills from Stormont-Vail Hospital have topped a half-million dollars. A lien filed by the hospital in October claims has accumulated over $550 thousand in hospital costs since the May 6th incident.

The lien names Rylee as a minor child and also includes her insurance company as well as Horting and her insurance company. The filing deals with any claims, lawsuits, and other legal actions resulting from any court action stemming rom the May incident.

The formal lien filing is designed to ensure Stormont Vail can recover some or all of the unpaid medical care Rylee has received.

Shawnee County authorities say Horting was driving the car that hit Rylee Robinson, 12, in May 2013. Robinson was riding her bicycle on the gravel shoulder in the 5200 block of S Topeka Boulevard when she was hit from behind.