Challenger Appoints Treasurer For Kansas AG Exploratory Committee

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) A.J. Kotich has filed paperwork to appoint a treasurer for an exploratory committee for Kansas Attorney General, allowing Kotich to raise funds and test viability of a statewide campaign.

Kotich has previously served as Chief Legal Counsel to three state agencies under seven Kansas governors.

Kotich, a Washburn University Law School Graduate, served as a Special Assistant Attorney General under former Kansas Attorneys General beginning with Attorney General Bob Stephen.

Kotich has outlined his initial issues of protecting seniors & veterans, combating violent crime, and improving efficiency within the office of Attorney General.

“Kansans need to feel that their Attorney General is working for them and not just special interests,” said Kotich.

Kotich currently works as a private practice attorney and has served as an award winning adjunct instructor at local universities for many years.