Central Topeka Strong Despite Armed Robbery

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Topeka police say there have been 35 armed robberies involving a gun since June of this year.

Less than a week ago Red Robin employees feared for their lives, and Friday morning restaurant employees at College Hill Pizza Pub were robbed at gunpoint. Despite the fear of crime, those that frequent central Topeka feel its still worth supporting.

Officers responded to yet another Topeka armed robbery early Friday around 4:25 am. This time at College Hill Pizza Pub where police say four black male suspects armed with a hand gun, robbed employees of personal property, forced them at gunpoint back into the establishment, and then fled the scene on foot.

Some familiar with the area's history, were not surprised. Topeka resident Zac Pohlenz said, "It's a scary area sometimes. I always see cops around here so it makes you think there is a reason you see them a lot."

The robbery occurred just blocks away from where two Topeka police officers were shot and killed this past December. Despite the areas problems, their is still a strong sense of central Topeka pride within the community.

Topeka resident Dave Graversen said, "I love supporting these establishments like the Burger Stand and Pizza Pub. It wouldn't have stopped me from eating here and unfortunately this sort of thing can happen anywhere."

While the early morning armed robbery did not involve any injuries, the crime did occur just across the street from an apartment complex putting several residents a bit on edge.

Washburn Law student said, "It's scary because we live across the street. I hope it doesn't deter them from building up the area because it is good for the college students, but after this type of thing I don't know."

The four suspects described as black males in their 20's are still at-large. Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 234-0007