Caught On Tape: Coke Truck Slams Into FL Shop

Several cameras catch Coca-Cola truck hitting Jacksonville, Florida, seafood store (WTEV/CBS)
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CBS) -- A Jacksonville, Florida, Transportation Authority (JTA) bus was making a normal stop among the city's bustling streets a couple weeks ago.

A JTA bus was making a normal stop, while passengers sat there with no idea's what's about to happen.

Surveillance video from JTA offers a look from several different angles.

From the bus's perspective, you can see the Coca-Cola truck approaching as the bus comes to a stop. The truck then hits the side of the bus and keeps on going.

Moments later, the windshield camera shows the Coke truck crashing into a discount seafood shop.

In the moments that follow, passengers pour out of the bus. Five of them were transported to the hospital, along with a worker who was in the store when it happened.

The driver of the Coca-Cola truck, Calvin Hollis, was cited with careless driving. He told investigators a wasp flew in to the cab causing him to crash.