Can't Wait For Baby? Print A Copy!

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Parents who "ooh" and "aah" over those high-tech, multi-dimensional ultrasound images may go gaga over a new offering - a three-dimensional model of their baby-to-be.

The company 3D Babies offers to print a life-size replica of an unborn child. According to its web site, the service uses a 3D or 4D ultrasound to create a 3D print file of babies face, which is placed on a pre-made body. Parents can select from two poses and three skin colors.

The models come in three sizes. The company considers 8 inches its "life-sized" model It will set you back $600. The 4-inch size is $400 or parents can select a 2-inch model for $200.

Further details are available at the company's web site,

The idea isn't entirely new. In August 2012, CNET reported on a Japanese company called Fasotec that offered 3.5 inch resin models of fetuses. However, the cost was $1,280 and parents had to travel to Japan for an MRI in order to create the model.

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