Canned Goods Kick Boy Out Of His Room

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NORTONVILLE, Kan. (WIBW) -- Giving back to the community can take just a small amount of time, like giving cash to the needy or donating a couple of canned goods.

But a boy from Nortonville is going above and beyond.

He is dedicating all his time to a creative project he came up with, to honor someone he admires.

Twelve-year-old Colby Weishaar hates cleaning his room, and by the looks of all the cans on the floor, it's obvious.

But all the cans aren't there out of laziness. They're a 4H project he designed to give back to his community.

"It helps me learn how to go to the store and buy stuff and how to community service projects," Colby said.

It's called Operation Kick Me Out Of My Bedroom. Colby's goal is to collect so many nonperishable food items he can't even walk through his room.

"I filled up my room one time and we moved it all down to the basement and we're filling it up again and it's almost full again," he said.

The food goes to three area food banks. The inspiration? His former 4H community service leader, Dee Rule, who passed away from cancer.

"They're doing a reward for the biggest community service project and she was my mom's best friend and she was really close to my mom," Colby said, "so I'm doing this to try to win the plaque that has her name on it."

Colby started out asking local businesses for cans. He hoped for 50, but received 500.

Bridget Weishaar, Colby's mom, said the turn-out was wild. "We never dreamed that he'd end up with as many as he got."

He's now up to about 1,600 food items - 1,625 to be exact - and more than a thousand dollars in monetary donations.

But his work isn't done yet.

"My goal is to reach at least 2,000 if not more. I'd really like to get to 2,000," he said with all the confidence in the world.

He's already taken some of his gatherings to the Pantry of Hope in Nortonville where he volunteers.

His project will end in June, and started in September.

To help Colby out, he has a donation box at Roy Frey's on Highway 24 in North Topeka.

Donations are accepted at Kendell State Bank.

Check out the Facebook page too - that's Operation Kick Me Out Of My Bedroom.