Cancer Survivors Urge Legislators To Make Cancer A Top Priority

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Cherri Dorsett came to the Capitol, Tuesday, to decorate a paper bag and place a lighted candle inside;a show of support for a cause that hits close to home.

"I've lost some of my very close friends to cancer," said Dorsett.

She is also a cancer survivor herself. She and 50 other cancer survivors, care-givers and volunteers came to lobby for lawmakers to continue the Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act . And it isn't the first time supporters say that they've had to persuade lawmakers to keep the law in effect.

"It frustrates me in that we are spending our time and energy to continually to keep telling them this is important. Kansan's want this bill," said Dorsett.

Another goal is to increase healthcare for more Kansans, by using federal tax dollars.

"It's going be in Topeka. It's going to be in D.C. that we can really make a huge difference and the power that we have as care-givers and survivors and family members is incredible we just have to use our voices," said Conley Cornell from the American Cancer Society.

According to the, 5,400 Kansans will die of the disease this year and there will be more than 14,000 new cases.