CAUGHT ON TAPE: OH Teen Clings To Roof As Mom Drives Off

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PIQUA, Ohio (WIBW) -- A teen ends up riding on the roof of his mother's car for miles after the pair left a Piqua, Ohio, movie theater late Monday night -- and it was all caught on tape.

The teen's mother, who wasn't identified, said reportedly told police she didn't know her 19 year-old son was up there. Officers say he will be ticketed and fined for riding outside a vehicle.

Three men who were outside the theater at the time and chased the mom with their camera rolling recounted the event. They said the mom and her son were arguing as they came out of the theater when things started escalating.

They said the mom slapped her kid and told him to find his own ride home. The mom then got into her car with a 10 year-old and started to leave. That's when the teen jumped onto the back of the car and climbed onto the roof.

One of the witnesses said the mom was going about 50 miles per hour and they were struggling to keep up when one of them decided to call 911. They kept recording while keeping police updated on where the mom was going.

At one point, the mom sat and waited at a red light -- with her kid clinging onto the roof the whole time. He finally jumped off at a stop sign, just as police were arriving to meet them.

Officers tracked down the teen and stopped the mom a few minutes later.

Posted by: Nick Viviani