Bulldozing Begins On Reading Homes

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Reading, KAN. (WIBW)—It's been almost a week since a tornado swept through the small Kansas town of Reading. It killed 53-year-old Don Chesmore and destroyed more than twenty homes. Friday in Reading, residents say the road to recovery is a long one. Whatever homes the twister didn't tear down, crews began to bulldoze.

Engines roared throughout town. These two-ton machines spent the day picking up what Saturday’s tornado left in its path.

"Just try to get the town cleaned up,” said Jeff Swendson.

David Findley is used to repairing roads and bridges for his nine to five job. So Friday, as you can imagine, he was a bit overwhelmed.

"I’ve never done any demolition and cleanup like this, its chaos. It’s totally different to me,” said Findley.

"My granddaughter asked me, grandma your house is broken, can we fix it? No, honey, we can't fix it,” said Ronda Hooper.

Hooper is Reading’s postmaster; she spent Friday scouring her home for anything she could salvage. She’s lived here for 28 years, in fact, it was her husband's boyhood home.

“Yeah, you feel sorry for these people tearing down their houses. They're sitting there watching it get destroyed, it’s terrible. We just help them out with what you can, and try to save what you can,” said Findley.