Brownback Warns Shutdown Could Cut Off Services By Mid-November

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TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) -- Governor Sam Brownback's chief spokeswoman says Kansas can't shield residents relying on social services from the federal government's partial shutdown after mid-November.

Brownback issued a statement Friday saying his administration is committed to minimizing the shutdown's effects. The governor said the state's healthy cash reserves allow it to juggle funds to programs that are sustained by federal dollars.

But spokeswoman Eileen Hawley says the juggling can't continue through November.

She said if the shutdown continues, the state can't be sure it can provide benefits for November under the Women, Infants and Children program, which helps poor mothers with young children buy food.

She also said that the state will have similar issues with cash assistance to poor families after mid-November.

Brownback has canceled furloughs for state workers processing unemployment benefits.